Fundraising Strategies for Battlefield Sites and Historic Preservation

Preserving historical sites and battlefields requires a lot of work and is also a costly affair. From construction repairs, maintenance, and education in administration works, you will need vast sums of money. However, the main challenge comes in mobilising adequate funds to support the conservation works. If you apply the following strategies, you will have a smooth time fundraising to support battlefield sites and historic preservation.

Establish Fundraising Mechanisms

Establish Fundraising Mechanisms - Fundraising Strategies for Battlefield Sites and Historic Preservation

The most successful fundraising events are achieved one step at a time.  It doesn’t matter the scope of your project. The following practices will come in handy for a seamless fundraising activity.

* Establish a long-term vision

* Hire qualified fundraisers

* Clearly define the goal of the project

* Draw up a reasonable budget

* Consider fundraising plans that complement your project

Establish the Fundraising Goals

Establish the Fundraising Goals - Fundraising Strategies for Battlefield Sites and Historic Preservation

When creating a fundraising plan, it should include the purpose of mobilising the funds. It will help determine how to raise funds, the amount of money you require, available funding sources, fundraising costs, and the event schedule.

Your goals will highly determine the need for the fundraising event. If you are running a specific preservation programme, the demands could differ. For instance, your fundraising need could be tailored to support ownership of the investment, educating the general public regarding local resources, and encouraging preservation works within the community.

For organisations that fundraise to create awareness about the battlefields or historical assets, the following fundraising needs are essential to take into account.

* Lobbying costs

* Developing a press list

* Creating professional print materials

* Establishing public and donor relations

In conclusion, having a standing list of donors and supporters is critical. It ensures a constant flow of finances and cuts down on fundraising costs in the long run.