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We understand and treasure the place of history in our lives. For this reason, we have created

a platform whose purpose is to promote and support the protection and conservation of war memorials and battlefield sites.

We have dedicated this space to inform you more about organisations and associations which have devoted their resources and time to the conservation and protection of our country’s heritage.

Since we desire to offer anyone interested in this kind of information access to the most interesting facts of our nation’s history, we focus on what such organisations do and the kind of activities anyone interested in helping in this sector.

Historic Preservation

History teaches us a lot about humanity and the universe in which we live. Preserving this history and our heritage demands effort and a clear understanding of what is essential and not. On the other hand, historic preservation is more than just taking care of buildings and monuments around us; it is a broad area that includes our culture, among many other things.

If your goal is to learn more about historic preservation, please be our guest! Please browse through our site and have fun learning.